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"We had a mystery leak from a toilet cistern for a while that we could not locate. Al came over one evening to assess the situation and suggested a few possible issues. He came back the following day with a replacement seal and sorted the leak for us in no time. Great reliable local plumber! Highly recommended."

Ewelina, Hull

"My kitchen taps were not working properly. They would drip when they were turned off, and turning them on and off was hard work. Al came over and spent an hour servicing them and replacing the washers. Now they are easier to turn on and off and there are no drips!."

Christine, Anlaby

"Our kitchen tap was old and had started to leak all over the counter top. It was clear a new tap was needed. Al recommended a suitable replacement and was able to fit it in less than an hour, so I could use my kitchen again in no time, all the while providing a friendly and polite service."

Jenny, Hull


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Hull, UK


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